The Ombre Look

October 27, 2011 in New Trends

Melted HairMelted hair, or more sophisticatedly called “ombre,” refers to the recently made popular hairstyle that involved a “melting” appearance of hair color. This style, sported by celebrities, models, and up-to-date fashion trend-setters involves dark roots that gradually fade to lighter ends.

The melted style or “ombre” look can be done on any hair color, length, or type (can be done subtly or dramatically) and will definitely stick you with the “in-crowd” through this coming Fall and Winter.

How is it Done?

The first step to getting your hair melted correctly is to understand the different techniques behind the color process so you can ask your stylist about the one that works best for you.

1. Teasing Method-The first technique involves teasing your hair at the root and then applying color so that you don’t get a line of color separation directly across your head. Teasing the hair helps the color go on in a more natural way and this method is probably one of the more common melting techniques, especially if you’re using your original color at the root and then fading lighter.

2. Hand-Painted Method-The hand-painted method is a great one but needs to be done by a seasoned cosmetologist. This method involves literally “painting” the hair with color but it’s all done free-hand and with no real method to the madness. Usually, ends are wrapped in a foil and then as the hair closer and closer to the root is colored, it is just laid with foil in between the layers to avoid color bleeding.

3. All-Over Color Method-The all-over color method is what people have to go for who want their root color darker than their natural color. This technique involves putting an all-over darker color at the root and onto the crown of your head and then teasing the hair in the middle to add a slightly lighter shade and the adding even lighter foils to the ends. This method is best for those looking for a more dramatic color change and can be gorgeous but keep in mind, using this much color is going to cost between $160 and $200+ dollars if done correctly and darkening your roots is going to allow your regrowth to show.

4. D-I-Y MethodThe do-it-yourself method. This is probably the most risky melting method but can be done at home by yourself or by a friend. This method works best for those with naturally brown roots who want to melt to blonde at their ends. melted hairSimply stop by your local beauty boutique and pick up a container of bleaching cream. This cream can be worked through the ends of your hair, left on for 20-30 minutes, and then rinsed out. This method is probably the cheapest but you might not get the exact results you’re looking for.

More than Fashionable

One of the reasons that this new hair style has gained so much popularity, especially with college-age girls is because it takes little-to-no maintenance, especially if you’re using your natural color at the root and melting lighter at the ends. Instead of coloring your hair every 8 weeks, you can still maintain the look of “colored” and styled hair, but your regrowth won’t be “regrowth” but rather your natural color coming through and you can let your hair go as long as you want until your next cut!